Vivent Health and TPAN announce plans to merge to increase access to HIV care


January 19, 2023

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AIDS Service Organizations to pursue partnership to bring integrated HIV care and prevention to the Chicagoland area


MILWAUKEE, WI – Vivent Health, a nationally recognized leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network), a leading provider of HIV services in the greater Chicago area, today announced their respective Boards of Directors have unanimously voted to pursue a merger.  Despite initial progress, the Chicagoland area is struggling to meet the 2023 and 2030 targets for achieving Getting to Zero goals. Of the nearly 29,000 people living with HIV in Chicago, roughly one-third (33%) are not engaged in HIV care. Using Vivent Health’s integrated HIV medical home model this joint effort aims to reduce new incidences of HIV, increase viral suppression or undetectable status among people living with HIV, and increase access to support services that address broader social determinants of health (housing, food security, healthcare coverage, etc.). The merger is expected to close on March 1, 2023.

“Vivent Health is partnering with TPAN to ensure people living with HIV and at elevated risk for HIV exposure have direct access to critical health care, antiretroviral medications, and prevention and social services to combat co-occurring HIV, sexually-transmitted infection, and opioid epidemics in Chicago,” said Brandon Hill, PhD, Interim President and CEO of Vivent Health. “While HIV is often associated with behavior, HIV exposure and transmission is underpinned by social and structural factors such as food insecurity, housing instability, and lack of employment opportunities. Which is why our unique integrated approach to HIV care and prevention is rooted in tackling broader inequities and removing barriers to care and services.”

Access to Vivent Health’s services has helped 95% of people it cares for achieve viral suppression, which means a person with HIV can live a full life expectancy and is unable to transmit HIV to others, reducing the number of new HIV infections. This exceeds the national average of 65% of patients having an undetectable viral load. In addition, 93% of the Black/African American patients and clients Vivent Health serves have achieved viral suppression, which is significantly higher the national average of 61% (Centers for Disease Control), underscoring the continued need to address racial and ethnic disparities in HIV care and prevention outcomes.

“It’s clear there’s more work to be done to ensure unfettered access to comprehensive HIV care and prevention services in our community,” said Kara Eastman, CEO of TPAN. “This partnership will enable us to provide quality HIV health care regardless of an individual’s ability to pay and address the socio-economic factors impacting too many of our patients, like food insecurity and unstable housing. This is the type of holistic approach that’s needed to improve health outcomes and end this epidemic.”

“TPAN has an impressive record of providing effective prevention programs and high-quality services for people affected by HIV/AIDS,” said Arvan Chan, Chair of Vivent Health’s Board of Directors. “We are pleased our organizations are joining forces to expand access and integrated solutions so we can continue transforming the health of the community and delivering the best outcomes for the people in Chicago.”

Vivent Health has undergone several mergers in recent years, now making it the second largest HIV/AIDS service organization in the country. Currently, Vivent Health has clinics in Austin, Denver, St. Louis, Kansas City and throughout Wisconsin.

“We are so excited that TPAN’s 35 years of important work with those living with HIV or those at risk of HIV infection has attracted Vivent to the community in Chicago. Increasing access to high quality care will be a huge win for patients in Chicago,” said Michael Murphy, Chair of TPAN’s Board of Directors.

Added Dr. Rob Garofalo, member of TPAN’s Board of Directors and Director of Adolescent HIV Services at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, “Seeing the positive impact Vivent Health is making in a growing number of communities, we’re proud to be working together to battle the access gaps, social and economic factors, and stigma that are preventing far too many people living with HIV from getting the care they need and deserve.”

TPAN, Chicago’s oldest nonprofit organization serving people living with HIV, began its legacy as a peer-led organization and will continue its peer-led programming, including publishing Positively Aware, the only non-profit magazine focused on HIV, through this partnership.


About Vivent Health

A nationally recognized leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Vivent Health is best known for its high-quality HIV patient outcomes and operates one of the leading patient-centered HIV health systems in the United States. The HIV Medical Home model of care offers integrated health and social services including medical, dental, mental health and pharmacies, along with case management and social support provided by a team of professionals dedicated to patient care. Vivent Health is also a leading provider of innovative and aggressive prevention services that help at-risk individuals remain HIV negative. Vivent Health operates in 13 locations in Colorado, Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin, and serves tens of thousands of people at-risk for HIV, and more than 13,000 patients each year. To learn more visit:

About TPAN

TPAN, Test Positive Aware Network, provides services to people vulnerable to and living with HIV and related health conditions. Its mission is to save lives and empower individuals affected by HIV. Its national magazine, Positively Aware, is a trusted source of HIV treatment news. To learn more visit: