Medical Care

People living with HIV are at the center of everything we do at Vivent Health. That’s why our expert medical treatment and care is second-to-none. We operate the nation’s premier HIV Medical Home, bringing together an expert team of outstanding, compassionate physicians and nurses who are dedicated to patient care.

The Vivent Health HIV Medical Home delivers the best health outcomes for patients by providing comprehensive care—from nutrition to mental health. As a nationally-recognized and respected champion for people living with HIV, our patients receive the highest quality of care customized to meet their individual needs. Our facilities are state-of-the-art with the most advanced medical equipment and technology delivered in a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment.

In addition to expert HIV medical treatment, we also deliver primary care that includes the diagnosis and treatment of general health and chronic health conditions, including those that require a specialist.

All of our medical providers are experts in HIV treatment, who work closely with our patients to achieve success, healthy immune systems and undetectable viral loads.

The medical and HIV treatment we provide includes:

  • Medical examinations
  • On-site laboratory testing
  • Diagnosis and treatment of HIV and other health conditions
  • Prescriptions for HIV & other conditions
  • Development of individual comprehensive care plans
  • Immunizations
  • Primary and preventive health
  • Hepatitis testing and treatment
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment for:
    • Gonorrhea
    • Chlamydia
    • Syphilis
    • Herpes
    • HPV or genital warts
    • Bacterial Vaginosis
    • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    • Trichomoniasis
    • Hepatitis

Financial Assistance

If you can’t afford your health care, we can help. Whether you are unemployed or have limited funds and simply cannot afford the cost of health care, Vivent Health will work to provide you with the care and treatment you need regardless of your insurance status or ability to pay. We do not deny care to anyone due to financial reasons. We also offer help with copays, lab costs, and cost of medications. Speak with us about financial assistance at your next appointment or contact us. 

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