Although many things have changed since we opened our doors, one thing is constant: we are driven by the unique personal story of every person we are honored to serve.

  • 1985

    AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) is incorporated; St. Louis Effort for AIDS is founded (EFA), Madison AIDS Support Network is founded

  • 1986

    Wisconsin’s 100th case of AIDS is reported

  • 1987

    The U.S. FDA approves the drug Azidothymidine (AZT) to fight AIDS. Annual cost is $8,000 per patient

  • 1987

    First Make a Promise Gala fundraising event is held

  • 1987

    Aids Service of Austin opened.

  • 1989

    EFA begins case management, ARCW opens its first food pantry

  • 1990

    Inaugural AIDS Walk Wisconsin

  • 1991

    ARCW Legal Assistance Program is launched

  • 1992

    EFA initiates direct client services program

  • 1993

    First Wisconsin merger of two AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) completed between ARCW and Eau Claire AIDS service organization

  • 1994

    Lifepoint Needle Exchange program debuts in Milwaukee; First Dining Out For Life event held in St. Louis

  • 1995

    First Jolly Holly Folly fundraiser

  • 1996

    ARCW dental clinic opens; completes merger with Center Project in Green Bay and Appleton, Wisconsin

  • 1997

    ARCW begins drug treatment program

  • 1998

    EFA offers HIV testing on-site

  • 1999

    ARCW mergers with La Crosse AIDS Service Organization, Central Wisconsin AIDS Network (Wausau) and Northern AIDS Network (Superior) are completed

  • 2001

    ARCW opens first medical clinic

  • 2003

    EFA begins first mobile testing program in St. Louis

  • 2004

    EFA dramatically expands mental health programs

  • 2007

    ARCW becomes largest provider of medical care to people with HIV in Wisconsin

  • 2009

    Rocky Mountain CARES (RMC) is founded and initiates case management services

  • 2012

    ARCW opens first HIV-specialty pharmacy in Wisconsin

  • 2013

    ARCW earns first designation in US as an HIV-dedicated, patient-centered Medical Home from the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; RMC opens HIV specialty pharmacy

  • 2014

    EFA begins offering and coordinating insurance enrollment programs under the ACA for Missouri

  • 2015

    ARCW merges with AIDS Network in Madison, WI.

  • 2017

    Rocky Mountain CARES merger finalized

  • 2018

    St. Louis Effort for AIDS merger announced

  • 2019

    Vivent Health name and brand unveiled nationwide

  • 2020

    Vivent Health merges with AIDS Services of Austin

  • 2021

    Vivent Health and Thrive Health Connection (Kansas City, MO) merge

  • 2023

    Vivent Health and TPAN (Test Positive Awareness Network) merge