Behavioral Health Care

At Vivent Health, we believe that quality mental health programs go hand-in-hand with quality medical care. Together, these services give our patients the best opportunities to not only live healthy lives with HIV, but thrive.

“When I was diagnosed with HIV, I felt my entire world was devastated. This clinic was nothing short of kind and set me on the right path emotionally and mentally. I realized there is life after an HIV diagnosis.” Susie, St. Louis patient

Whether it’s talking about depression or anxiety, managing psychiatric medication, or navigating life changes, we offer quality, inclusive care to all. Vivent Health provides professional counselors, therapists and psychiatrists who are highly skilled in issues related to gender, sexuality and HIV.

Services Available To You

Mental health is an important part of your overall wellness. Vivent Health is here to help you overcome challenges to improve your quality of life. Regardless if you are newly diagnosed with HIV or have lived many years with the disease, our goal is to help you be mentally and emotionally well with these services:

Depression Screening A psychotherapist will provide you with a depression assessment along with education on depression and self-care.

Medical Clinic Consultation Liaison Program The program allows a patient to have access to a behavioral health professional during a medical visit. This provides immediate, brief interventions that support patients in their medical care and help them manage challenges that can get in the way of achieving optimal health and wellness.

Mental Health Assessment & Evaluation A psychotherapist will conduct an assessment to identify symptoms you may have that are commonly associated with mental health challenges.

Neuropsychological Screening, Assessment & Evaluation A clinical psychologist will guide you through tests to evaluate your brain function, thinking ability and complete an assessment and screening (using a series of paper and pencil tests) to evaluate memory-related issues.

Psychiatric Assessment & Evaluation A psychiatrist will conduct a comprehensive assessment to diagnose any mental health conditions you may have.

Psychiatric Medication Management A psychiatrist will prescribe and monitor medications for the treatment of any mental health conditions you may have. Any side effects or drug interactions you may havefrom the combination of your HIV treatment and psychiatric medicationswill be monitored and managed.

Psychotherapy A psychotherapist will work with you to address and overcome any mental health challenges you may have to help increase your wellbeing.

Substance Use Treatment

The use of drugs and alcohol can make it difficult for people to keep or regain their health. That’s why Vivent Health offers treatment services to help our patients whenever they are ready to stop or reduce their use. We meet all of our patients where they are currently in their substance use and recovery journeys in a nonjudgmental, safe environment. We offer a range of individual and group programs to help you meet your goals:

Harm Reduction Services Overdose prevention, safer injection and other harm-reduction resources.

Individual Substance Use Counseling Support for people who are thinking or ready to change their relationship with alcohol and drugs.

Outpatient Group Weekly group programming that supports recovery efforts via substance use interventions, education and a network of recovery support.

Recovery and Aftercare Group Counseling and support for recovery and aftercare services.

Recovery Exploration Group Early intervention group designed for individuals who are new to their recovery journey or contemplating a need for change. The group focuses on engagement, exploring patterns of usage and negative consequences to substance use, and assessing motivation and commitment to change in a safe and supportive environment.

Substance Use Day Treatment Counseling and support on a day-treatment basis to slowly reduce and eventually eliminate alcohol and drug use.

Telehealth: Access to Care

We understand there can be many reasons why traveling long distances to receive your care can be a challenge. That’s why we offer teletherapy and telepsychiatry. These services are offered via the use of a video conference technology system that allows a mental health provider in one location to provide services to individuals in another location. Through technology, we are overcoming barriers that can prevent people from living with HIV from getting the services they need.

Through a secure connection that protects privacy and confidentiality, our telethealth program gives you the ability to address your behavioral health needs, no matter where you live. Telehealth is offered in select locations.

Financial Assistance

If you can’t afford your health care, we can help. Whether you are unemployed or have limited funds and simply cannot afford the cost of health care, Vivent Health will work to provide you with the care and treatment you need regardless of your insurance status or ability to pay. We do not deny care to anyone due to financial reasons. We also offer help with copays, lab costs, and cost of medications. Speak with us about financial assistance at your next appointment or contact us. 

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