Vivent Health Condemns Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Affirmative Action in Higher Education Admissions


Vivent Health strongly condemns today’s Supreme Court decision overturning the use of affirmative action policies in college or university admissions. This ruling will significantly hinder efforts to address racial inequities in this country and worsen HIV-related racial disparities, especially for Black and brown communities.

Black people and other communities of color continue to experience worse HIV-related health outcomes due to the impacts of systemic racism. Since increased education is associated with better lifelong economic and health outcomes, the Court’s ruling will widen these gaps. Ending affirmative action in admissions will also make it harder to ensure the nation’s public health workforce reflects those most impacted by HIV, COVID, and other epidemics.

We know that to equitably end the HIV epidemic we must also dismantle white supremacy. Vivent Health rejects the harmful “colorblind” approach advocated for by the Court’s majority and we remain committed to working in solidarity to achieve true racial justice.