Vivent Health and UNIFIED Announce Plans to Merge to Transform HIV Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (MILWAUKEE, WI) – Vivent Health, a nationally recognized leader in the fight to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and UNIFIED, a long-standing provider of HIV services in the greater Detroit area, today announced their respective Boards of Directors have voted unanimously to pursue a merger.

Detroit has the highest HIV prevalence rates in the state, accounting for more than two-thirds of all cases.  Of the nearly 11,000 people in the Detroit metro area living with HIV, a disproportionate number are people of color — 68% are Black and 23% are Hispanic/Latinx.  Further, 20% are diagnosed late and 20% are not engaged in care which is shown to lead to poorer health outcomes (AIDSVu, 2021). UNIFIED sought a partnership with Vivent Health because its innovative approach to integrated HIV care and treatment is proven to narrow racial and ethnic disparities in HIV and advance health equity.  The merger is expected to close on May 1, 2024.

“Vivent Health is working with UNIFIED to transform their model of care to ensure people living with HIV and at elevated risk for HIV exposure have direct access to critical health care, antiretroviral therapy, prevention, and essential social services to combat co-occurring HIV, sexually transmitted infection, and opioid epidemics in Detroit,” said Brandon Hill, PhD, President and CEO of Vivent Health. “While HIV is often associated with individual behavior, HIV exposure and transmission are underpinned by social and structural factors such as food insecurity, housing instability, and lack of employment opportunities. Which is why our integrated approach to HIV care and prevention is rooted in tackling broader inequities and removing barriers to care and services.”

Vivent Health’s integrated approach to care has helped 95% of patients achieve viral suppression, which means a person living with HIV can live a full life expectancy and is unable to transmit HIV to others, reducing the number of new HIV infections. This exceeds the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ 2030 Ending the HIV Epidemic goal of 90%, national rate of 66% and Michigan rate of 72%. Further, 93% of Vivent Health’s Black/African American patients have achieved viral suppression, which is significantly higher than the national rate of 62% and Michigan rate of 67% — underscoring the continued need to address racial and ethnic disparities in HIV care and prevention (AIDSVu, 2021).

“With racial inequities continuing to drive the HIV epidemic, the need to transform the way we deliver HIV care and prevention services in Detroit and broader Michigan is clear. Which is why our Board pursued bringing Vivent Health’s innovative model of care to our community,” said Matt Browning, Chair of UNIFIED’s Board of Directors. “Seeing the positive impact Vivent Health is making in a growing number of communities, we’re confident that adopting their innovative care model will enable us to battle gaps in access to HIV care and provide long-term sustainability.”

“UNIFIED has a rich history of fighting HIV at the grassroots level, working to achieve optimal health through compassionate direct care, support services, and prevention and leading efforts to reduce HIV stigma,” said Arvan Chan, Chair of Vivent Health’s Board of Directors. “We are pleased our organizations are working together to offer integrated solutions that will deliver the best outcomes for the people in Detroit and beyond.”

About Vivent Health

Rooted in our legacy organizations’ commitments to serve those impacted by HIV, Vivent Health strives to achieve health justice for people living with HIV by providing lifesaving healthcare and critical social services tailored to each person we serve.  We have advanced equitable health outcomes by supporting our local communities through awareness, education, fundraising, prevention, and advocating for policies that ensure everyone impacted by HIV can live their healthiest life. Our innovative approach to integrated HIV care and treatment enables our patients to exceed national benchmarks for viral load suppression.

Vivent Health currently serves nearly 17,000 people living with and vulnerable to HIV and sexually transmitted infections, as well as countless people at risk for opioid overdose. Vivent Health currently has clinics in Chicago, IL; St. Louis and Kansas City, MO; 10 cities throughout Wisconsin including Milwaukee; Denver, CO; and Austin, TX. Learn more at


UNIFIED – HIV Health and Beyond (UNIFIED) has been a leader in providing HIV care and prevention services to Southeast Michigan for nearly 40 years. Our mission is to provide easy access to innovative services for the whole person, regardless of HIV status, while promoting respect and acceptance without stigma.  Each year, we help over 1,000 residents living with, affected by, or at risk of acquiring HIV through case management, support services, prevention, and education. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Detroit, MI serving 10 counties throughout Southeast Michigan.