Rocky Mountain CARES Mobilizes HIV Prevention

Denver—June 16, 2018—Rocky Mountain CARES (RMC) has kicked off a mobile HIV prevention
program. In an effort to increase HIV testing and PrEP (pre‐exposure prophylaxis) access, RMC
recently purchased a van that is specially‐outfitted for the Prevention Program. The mobile
program will provide HIV testing, prevention counseling and education, and PrEP consultations
and navigation. Pre‐Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP, is an HIV prevention strategy for people who
are at high risk for HIV. People using PrEP take a single pill every day, which is up to 90 percent
effective at preventing them from becoming HIV‐positive. In Colorado, there are excellent
programs to help cover the cost of PrEP for individuals without insurance or with high copays or

The mobile program is available within the Denver Metro area and surrounding communities.
RMC intends to meet individuals where they are, or at a location most convenient to them. “It
is not always easy to get transportation to testing sites and it becomes increasingly difficult as
the colder months arrive,” said Karin Sabey, Vice President of Operations at RMC. “The time it
takes to travel and then undergo testing at a stationary site may impact work or other personal
situations. Mobile testing is more convenient for many in the community. Additionally, it is free.
Until a cure for HIV is found, helping individuals protect themselves is our greatest challenge.”

To make an appointment, individuals can call or text 720‐338‐8728. RMC encourages everyone
to make an appointment for HIV testing if they are not already living with HIV and/or:

  • Have had multiple sex partners within the last 12 months
  • Not used condoms with sexual partner(s)
  • Shared injection drug equipment with others
  • Have exchanged sex for anything of value

People who are unsure if HIV testing is right for them are encouraged to call and ask for more
information. If RMC is unable to meet with someone for HIV testing due to availability or
distance, our prevention specialists will help connect them to other free testing resources
within their community.

AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

Rocky Mountain Cares merged with ARCW in 2017. ARCW is home to the HIV Medical Center–Wisconsin’s
largest and fastest-growing HIV healthcare system. Through its nationally‐renowned HIV Medical Home, including integrated medical, dental and mental health clinics along with its pharmacy and dedicated social services including food pantries, a legal program, housing support, and social work case management, more than 5,000 HIV patients in Wisconsin receive the health care and social services they need for long‐term survival with HIV disease from
ARCW. ARCW is also a leading provider of prevention and testing services for people most at‐risk for HIV, hepatitis C, sexually‐transmitted infections, and opioid overdose, delivering more than 160,000 interventions annually.