Supporting social justice through giving

Bill and his wife, Holly, have been involved with social justice causes for more than 20 years. Bill’s young adulthood was steeped in religious values that he strives to embody in both his work and in his chosen philanthropic causes. As a mental health practitioner, he recognized the importance of food security, housing security and supporting marginalized communities. With these three criteria in mind, he began searching for local causes that would benefit from his financial support.

When he learned of Vivent Health’s holistic approach to treatment, Bill was excited at the prospect of an organization that championed all of the causes that were most important to him, under one roof. “I said, ‘Wow! That’s the kind of organization that I’m interested in supporting.’” Bill’s gift helps to ensure support that doesn’t end at the doctor’s office, whether it’s funding our food pantry, supporting dental care or securing safe and stable housing. True success begins with holistic support, and donors like Bill and Holly help to make that possible.