Giving that supports a proven performer

Elizabeth and her husband, Pete, have been donating to Vivent Health for more than ten years. Their family is very involved in philanthropic causes through their church, other local non-profits and cares deeply about using their time, talent and financial support to strengthen their community. Elizabeth’s background in the health care industry initially introduced her to Vivent Health, which she describes as a great match for her family’s values and priorities. “Treating people with dignity and respect, and seeing their overall approach to care, is what really drew me to the organization.”

Further, Elizabeth feels that their gift goes a long way. “The money you’re donating is leading to tangible, real outcomes that you can point to. It certainly gives you a lot of confidence when you donate it to Vivent Health.” She and Pete regularly attend Vivent Health’s fundraisers and enjoy getting updates on the organization’s initiatives and successes.

“We will be donors for as long as the organization is around,” Pete says, “because we appreciate that the money is being well-used and truly helping people in a way that we can see. We know we’re changing lives, and that’s really important.”