Vivent Health Votes: Texas

Registration info

October 5th: Deadline for postmarked mail-in registration!

No online voter registration available.

By mail: Fill out, print, and mail form.

In Person: Find your County Registration Official.

Look up your voter registration status.

Voter ID

Texas requires an ID to vote. Check acceptable forms.

Mail-In Voting/Absentee Ballot

No ID required so long as you have voted before in Texas, registration was completed in person, or ID was provided with mail registration.

NOT available for most voters, qualification list:

65 years or older, sick or disabled, out of the county on election day/early voting period (2 weeks), be confined by jail but otherwise eligible.

October 23rd: Deadline to request a ballot by mail (received by)

All mail-in ballots must be received by 7pm on November 3rd (election day).

October 16th: Recommended date to mail in absentee ballot

Must be addressed to the Early Voting Clerk – Look up your Clerk by County.

In Person Early Voting

October 13th-October 30th: Dates for Early Voting

Hours vary by county/polling location.

Election Day Voting

November 3rd, 7am-7pm: Polls are open.

ID Required to vote in person. Check acceptable forms.

Find your voting location.

If your county is approved, you may vote at any polling location in your county. Check approval status.

You may legally request off work on Election Day to vote in Texas.

General Information

Need help? Legal voting staff phone number, any voting questions: 1-800-252-8683.

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