Vivent Health Votes: Missouri

Registration Info

October 7th: Registration deadline, postmarked or in person

In Person: Find your county clerk’s office.

By mail: Request a ballot online.

Look up your voter registration status.

Voter ID

Optional for registration, required for voting by mail

If this is your first time voting, you will need to either submit a copy of your ID/documents with your registration, or mail-in ballot or absentee ballot.

List of acceptable ID forms

Resources for obtaining free ID

Mail-In Voting/Absentee Ballot

Must be registered to vote by October 7th.

Absentee ballots in Missouri are separate from mail-in ballots in 2020.

Absentee Ballots

Requires reason for request. Find eligibility requirements.

October 14th: Deadline for absentee ballot request

Must be notarized by law. Lookup notaries.

Voters in at risk categories for contracting/transmitting COVID-19 may vote WITHOUT getting envelope notarized.

November 2nd 5pm: Deadline for receiving absentee ballots

Be sure to mail your ballot by October 26th.

Mail-In Ballots*

*Mail-in ballots in 2020 DO NOT require a reason for request.

Mail-in ballots must be signed and witnessed by a NOTARY.

List of no charge notaries

November 3rd 7pm: Deadline for receiving mail-in ballots

Be sure to mail your ballot by October 27th.

Election Day Voting

Missouri does NOT allow early in person voting.

November 3rd, 6am-7pm: Polls are open.

Find your voting location.

You may legally request off work up to 3 hours on Election Day to vote in Missouri.

General Information

Need help? Call the Missouri Secretary of State’s office at 1-800-669-8683.

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