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Mike Gifford

President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael J. Gifford has been a leading force in the fight against AIDS in the United States for three decades. He currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Vivent Health.

During his tenure, Mike led the transformation of Vivent Health from a social service agency into the nation’s premier HIV health care provider. Known as an HIV leader who applies the best principles of for-profit management and leadership to the non-profit sector, Gifford has helped grow Vivent Health from a $2 million to a $185 million corporation. The Vivent Health HIV Medical Home is the country’s leading model for providing integrated AIDS services to assure people with HIV have unfettered access to medical, dental, mental health, pharmacy, and social services, regardless of ability to pay, in order to succeed in managing their HIV disease. It is the only HIV Medical Home recognized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. In 2010, his social entrepreneurism led to the creation of the Vivent Pharmacy, assuring that patients receive the medications they need and creating a new revenue source to help sustain and expand HIV services. Today, Vivent Health patients are significantly exceeding national benchmarks and goals for HIV disease and overall health management.

Mike has developed Vivent Health into a national organization with the opening of HIV Medical Homes in Denver, Colorado, St. Louis, Missouri, Austin, Texas and in cities across Wisconsin. He is leading the process of bringing the HIV Medical Home model to additional cities across America. This effort expands services that are driving better health outcomes for people living with HIV and helping to reduce health care costs. As a national leader in the evolution of service delivery to people with HIV, he has provided in-depth technical assistance and consulting to AIDS organizations in 26 states.

Mike is a frequent speaker at national conferences and in academic settings, testifies before Congress on health care issues, and serves on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of OCHIN, the country’s foremost health information technology solution for community health centers and a driving force for health equity in America.

Mike received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and International Relations from Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

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